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USA Domestic Mimosa Hostilis Chips



  • Shipped from the US, available for the USA and Canada.
  • High quality Mimosa hostilis root bark chips, harvested from well matured trees.
  • 100% natural, unadulterated and totally free of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Sustainably harvested in our own private property. 
  • Best form for long term storage. 
  • Perfect to use for making soaps and dyeing.



The Mimosa Shop is now offering Mimosa Hostilis Chips, shipped domestically from within the US, to better serve our American and Canadian customers. This allows for greater convenience for our North American public, as having the stock already inside the country makes the shipping process faster and hassle-free as it’s not necessary to deal with customs to import it from abroad.

Orders to Canada still have to go through Canadian customs as they get shipped from the US, but the transit times are significantly faster than that of orders shipped from Brazil.

Our Mimosa hostilis chips are always sustainably harvested in Brazil, and they are perfect to use in a wide range of applications as you can grind them to the precise particle size that you need. The chips can be easily ground using a blender or a coffee grinder.

Mimosa Hostilis is a perennial tree native to Brazil that has a long history of use by South American people due to the extraordinary properties of its root bark.

The Mimosa hostilis root bark has been used in many parts of the world in a wide array of applications including treating health conditions such as tooth pain, cough, and bronchitis. Mimosa hostilis is also an excellent leather dye due to its high natural tannin content.

Furthermore, Mimosa hostilis has potent antifungal and antimicrobial qualities, making it perfect to treat wounds that contain infection, fungi or harmful bacteria. As a result, this plant is a key ingredient in a variety of health products.

The Mimosa Shop offers Mimosa hostilis chips from trees grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We harvest our MHRB under the supervision of an experienced juremeiro in Bahia, Northern Brazil.
Our mimosa hostilis chips are the best form for long term storage, as the components are protected from air and oxidation.

Our farmers carefully extract the Mimosa hostilis chips from the root bark of well matured trees, which guarantees a top-quality product.

We never cut the roots off from the mimosa tree. We dig it out, strip the root bark and cover the roots again, so they can regenerate. Generally, we wait for at least one year until we go back to the same tree.

Our Mimosa hostilis chips are completely free from any pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. Our Mimosa trees grow just like nature wants them to grow, without any interference from our part.

Benefits Of Our Mimosa Hostilis Chips:

  • Shipped from within the USA, to USA and Canada only. Allowing faster transit times as it doesn’t have to go through customs (for US orders).
  • It can be ground down to the exact particle size required for your specific application.
  • Whole Mimosa hostilis chips is the best form for long storage, as the tannins are protected from oxidation inside the woody root bark.
  • Completely free of any pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers.
  • It helps reduce inflammation or infection, and it’s also great for skin issues such as burns and scars. [1]
  • It can help protect and stimulate collagen. [2]

Usage Instructions:

  • Do not ingest, for external use only.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and respiratory system.

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USA Domestic Mimosa Hostilis Chips


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